June is not an easy month to be 8 months pregnant…not that I would know, I got lucky with April and December babies myself, but I can only imagine how the sauna that Houston can be feels to this momma.  The heat of this particular early June evening was worth it for this maternity session in the The Woodlands to get this amazing gorgeous light we were gifted with.

This couple was ready and willing with anything I threw their way, and more than anything, I just loved observing all of their quiet, sweet moments thinking about their little girl.


I love when I get to meet my newborn clients in the hospital just hours after their baby has joined their family.

Fresh 48 sessions documents those blurry moments that pass all two quickly.  It’s so much fun watching new parents figure out those first swaddles and what different cries mean.  The newness of the first 48 hours in unlike any other time at home …everything is so new and raw..and it’s a good thing they make those hospital basinets see through, because you just can’t stop staring at that sweet face!

I love Morning at Market Street sessions, especially for little ones!  The color and light is so beautiful and we have the entire place to ourselves!  I was overjoyed to get to work with Sloan again…I saw her for 6 month pics and loved getting to do her 1st Birthday session with her!  Her expressions and personality are a magnet to my camera and I just have to warn you….I have lots of pictures to share…because deciding on just a few was too hard!

I did not start out to be a birth photographer.

Even as recently as a year ago, I was turning down inquiries for this kind of session because if I’m being honest…I was little intimidated.  I was worried about how I could be “on call” with having my own two kids….I wondered if I was ready…would I be able to capture those all important moments for such a monumental day?

Then last September one of my dearest friends asked me to be at the hospital for her C-section….not just there, but documenting the moments and anticipation leading up to and welcoming her son into this world.  After that I was hooked.

Two months ago, a client text me at 10:45pm letting me know her labor was starting.  After making a few last minute arrangements to cover my own family responsibilities, I headed to the hospital and spent an incredible night watching a family of 3 become 4.

Harvey’s mom let me know a few months ago that she would need a C-section and gave me the date to put on my calendar.  I had two C-sections myself, and one perk is you know exactly when your little one’s birthday is going to be!  I will neither confirm or deny that I went to get a blowout shortly before my son was born.

 We continued to adjust our plan based on her doctor’s visits.  I met with Huy and Thuy a few months before their due date to answer any questions they may have and just get to know them a little better.  I wanted them to feel completely at ease having me there with them on such an important day.  We bonded over music and coffee.

As we got closer to Harvey’s birthday to be we discovered that even C-section babies can also be unpredictable.  His due date got moved around a few times based on her doctor visits, but the day finally arrived and I met them at the hospital around 3:30.  I want to share his birth story with you below.  There are several pictures but if you actually make it to the end of this post, you will see my favorite part…his Life in Motion video.

I had the extraordinary opportunity to be in the OR for Harvey’s birth and witness it all.  This is often an unknown in C-sections…it’s usually left up to the doctor and anesthesia, however Huy works in anesthesia at the hospital and had gotten permission for me to be there.  It was so amazing to get to see Harvey’s first breath and get photos of those moments for his parents that even they couldn’t see from where they were.

If you or someone you know is expecting a baby and interested in capturing these beautiful moments that become such a blur, please contact me.  I would love to be your birth photographer and give to you what I so wish I had for my own.


Harvey's Birth Story from Melissa Lebo Parsons on Vimeo.

We decided to do Grace’s 18 month old session at home because Mom knew that’s where everything she loved would be.  I was excited because I think in home sessions are the best thing ever….they capture your family in their happy place, everyone is more relaxed…and there is AIR CONDITIONING….because…it’s Houston and summer is upon us.

We even got to do a Life in Motion video, which you can see at the end of this post.  I so wish I could go back and see more of my own kiddos in the middle of toddler strutting, peek a boo, and belly rolls out in all of their glory!

Nothing makes time seem like it’s flying more than when I see one of my newborn clients have their first birthday!  Did the earth really circle the sun that fast!?  It seems like it wasn’t too long ago that we were doing Zoe’s newborn pictures and now here we are celebrating her first birthday!

She was taking it all in for the first part of the session but then she lit up with some of the most gorgeous smiles!  And of course, what 1st Birthday session is complete without a cake smash?

Happy Birthday Zoe!

This beautiful family has already become very dear to me.  We only met a few months ago when I did their maternity session, but after spending the night in the hospital with them while waiting on and then welcoming Logan, friendship was also born.  I was so excited to see them just a couple weeks later for Logan’s newborn session.  A newborn session is so much more than documenting tiny toes and perfect details.  To me, it’s about telling the story of a family’s love for each other…and freezing moments in time so they can remember those early days that too quickly become a blur.

Birth photography was not something I set out to do….to be honest, I didn’t even know it existed until just a few years ago!  When my dear friend asked me to be present to document the birth of her baby last year, I was in awe of the idea….what an honor to be asked to be at one of the most important, intimate moments in someone’s life!  After that breathtaking day, I remember coming home and telling my husband how amazing it was…I was hooked and wanted to do more sessions like this….mostly because I so wished I had done something like this when my own two little loves were born!

What an priceless treasure to be able to relive not only the anticipation leading up to birth, but the first moments of laying eyes on your child!  I’m getting chills just thinking about it now!

Logan’s mom contacted me late last year and was so excited to take advantage of one of my Watch Me Grow sessions.  As we talked more, she asked if I would be willing to document Logan’s birth.  Several weeks ago I got to literally watch this family grow by one as they welcomed Logan…and what an amazing and beautiful night it was. I’m beyond excited to share Logan’s birth story with you.

The Birth of Logan from Melissa Lebo Parsons on Vimeo.

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