I love getting to see my repeat families year after year…it’s so fun to see how much the kids have changed and grown…and everyone is usually a lot more comfortable just being themselves and having fun…I love to see that come across in pictures.

We enjoyed trying out a new location…they were looking for something a little more urban, and I think we found a great spot!meeker-076_blog

I cannot say enough great things about this family!  I started working with them a little over two years ago when we moved back to Houston, and LOVE any chance I get the opportunity to hang out with them.  They are clients turned friends in the best possible way. I was so excited to do an in home session and their brand new, gorgeous home last week!

I think it’s so important to capture stages of life in the places so dear to your family….that one reason I LOVE these in home sessions.  Pressure is off, kids feel free to be silly…you have access to snacks, and WINE….and air conditioning!

One of my very dear friends, Kat, asked me a few months back if I would take pictures at the birth of their fourth sweet baby.  I think it took me a few moments before I caught my breath again because ..WOW.  What an honor.  I was overwhelmed at the thought of even getting to witness such a beautiful day, let alone having the opportunity to take pictures and capturing these important moments…..I mean, that’s a little bit of pressure!

Kat and Craig were both so unbelievable and open….and I just told them to pretend I wasn’t there.  Ha!

And if that wasn’t enough….both Kat and Craig wanted to wait to find out if their last little one would be adding more blue or a splash of pink to the family….we were all in a bit of suspense.  They did know that either way, Garner would be the perfect completion to their family…one they had been waiting and hoping for for a very long time.

I also decided to try something a little different…something that I haven’t done before.

I added a “life in motion” aspect to this session, and  I think I’m hooked y’all.  I hope to be doing lots more of these in the future.


This photo session was a long time coming.  We originally scheduled in back in May, but that was around the time it rained for a month straight. Then we moved it to July, and that was when we realized that our original idea of an outdoor photo session was probably not going to turn out so great in 100 degree heat.

So, hoping the third time was a charm, we decided that an in home session with air conditioning would make for much happier, cuter pictures all around….and I think we got plenty of those!

F a c e b o o k
A r c h i v e s
C a t e g o r i e s