Darcy Family / The Woodlands, TX North Houston Family & Lifestyle Photographer

 If you’ve followed my blog for a while now, you’ve seen this family a few times.  
They are the only one of my clients that moved to Texas with me!!
Well not quite….
I met Katie and her crew ~minus one cootie pattootie almost three years ago in San Diego.
We quickly realized we had a lot in common….almost eerie.
We were both from the same suburb in Texas, both Chi Omegas at Texas A&M, and both of our husbands have the same name…..and it took both of us living in San Diego to meet!
About a year and a half ago, Katie told me they were moving back to Texas…and I have to say, I was a little jealous.
I told her….maybe in a few years I’ll get to join you!
Last October, sweet Lauren was born.
Katie was so sweet to invite me to Texas to take Lauren’s newborn pictures.
On that trip, I found our dream house…..
and through God’s perfect timing, I’m now sitting in that house posting this session…unreal.
So this cute family is pretty special to me.  They have become great friends, and I love that I get to continue to take pictures of them with all of us back home in Texas.