Foster / The Woodlands TX Spring Houston Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

This little guy was so alert for our entire session, we though he had a little bit of FOMO…Fear Of Missing Out.  Yes I love getting those sleepy baby pictures, but I also love when they are awake and want to be a part of it all!  That’s one of the many reasons I love lifestyle newborn photography…there is no waiting around for the baby to fall asleep…you’re instead capturing every moment!  I want it all…the yawns, the cuddles, the inquisitive looks, the tiny toes and details…I want everything.  These little ones change so fast and life with a newborn can feel like such a blur….it’s important to take it all in…to freeze time for all of these moments so you can look back on it and remember……years later when you’ve finally had time to catch up on sleep!