Hawkins / The Woodlands TX Family Photographer

Doesn’t this time of year always start to feel a little crazy?  Anyone else, or is it just me?  October is to photographers what April is to accountants.  We fit family pictures and photo sessions in whenever we can, filling up weekends and squeezing in open slots whenever possible.  Then we juggle them around soccer games, school, and other family activities.  We then remember that we have to also find time to edit all of those sessions!  Sometimes it feels like I need another month somewhere between October and November on the calendar to fit everything in.

I’m such a planner girl…like the old fashioned desktop kind.  In July I get really excited to order my new one and even get stickers and highlighters to make it “pretty”.  I figure looking at a colorful, cute spread may distract me from the reality of how busy my weeks are this time of year.

Every August, I look at my calendar and try my best to plan ahead for busy season, promising myself I won’t over do it this year.  I decide how many sessions I can realistically handle in the fall, and then release them to my existing clients first.  Those sessions usually book up by early September, and then inevitably, I try to squeeze just a few more in….because saying no is hard.  After that, I sit back and pray for good weather.  Sometimes I get greedy and pray for cooler weather.  So far this year, I’m 1 for 2 in those requests, but I’m grateful nonetheless.

I had a very small window to make this family photo session happen…as in one day.  Other calendar conflicts and commitments gave us one Friday morning to work with.  Luckily, weather cooperated perfectly and we got their family photos checked off the list!  These two sweet girls were a little reserved at first but came out of their shell quickly.  It might have been due to the rad dance party we had in the middle of the park.  Who can stand still when the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Dog song comes on?  Not me!