Beam / Fall Family Pictures in The Woodlands

The last time I saw this beautiful family, we were doing an in home happy place session.  Their little guy has grown so much since, and he gave us all quite the workout for this session.  Here is the thing about two year olds.  They are some of my very favorite age of kiddos to photograph.  Don’t get me wrong..toddlers can WEAR me out, but I love their spontaneity and their expressions.  Those little ones get a twinkle in their eye that lets you know they have their own plan for the photo session, and often it’s usually better than my own.

Toddlers wear their emotions on their sleeves, and I love to capture it all.  I have learned not to force anything with kiddos this age, but instead like to let them guide the session a bit.  If they aren’t having being held or cuddled, we try chasing them.   I want mom and dad to forget about the traditional photo session and just play with their kids. We change things up quickly with tickles, peek a boo with the camera, funny sounds…anything to engage with them.  A good photo session leaves everyone exhausted and maybe even rewarded with an early bedtime!

For this session, we pulled out all the stops and were rewarded with megawatt smiles and giggles.  I’m also not above bribery.

Turns out this guy will do almost anything for M&Ms!!