Victor / Newborn photographer in Houston TX

Those first few weeks home with a newborn are some of the most intimate.  I remember wanting to accept as much help as was offered from my mom, my in laws and friends (bring all the food). However, I also remember wanting to hunker down and ignore the outside world so I could just get to know this little being who had just made us a family of three.  It’s so beautiful watching a family in those first few days.  They are still getting to know each other, all while feeling like they’ve known this little one forever.  They can’t remember life before.  Well, they can possibly recall getting more sleep once upon a time, but really… life just took on an entirely new meaning.

You can’t help but stare at those tiny newborn toes…those eyes that peek into your soul.  You look at your spouse in awe that this baby is part of both of you.   Your heart bursts a little more watching your partner take on their own new role as a parent.  It is not all easy, not at all, but man, it is beautiful …more beautiful than you may ever have imagined.

The most beautiful and favorite shots from my newborn sessions are almost always organic.  There is no need to contrive something when the moments themselves are already so perfect.  This little seven day old guy already has such personality and mannerisms.  He grasps his mommy’s hand and finds a way to pull his arms out of that swaddle and settle in just so.  And then he would need to be changed or fed as they often do.   Each moment is beautiful because many years later, even months and weeks later when they have already changed so much, you will want to look back and remember it all.