William Fresh 48 / The Woodlands Hospital Houston Methodist Photographer

I just love these Fresh 48 sessions.   These lifestyle newborn sessions take place in the hospital shortly after a little one has arrived.  Photographing those first few hours after a newborn has entered the world has to be one of my very favorite things to do.  You join such an intimate space as a family is just getting to know each other while still in the hospital.  My role in this type of session remains a very inconspicuous one.  There is not a lot of directing.  There’s just no need to.  Nothing is more beautiful than these organic moments that unfold on their own.  The camera captures this new family as they get acquainted and fall even more in love with each other.

I am a natural light photographer, so shooting a session at a hospital can admittedly sometimes be a bit of a challenge.  When I walked into this room at the brand new Woodlands Hospital by Houston Methodist, I was blown away by the amount of natural light that flooded into the room.  It was so bright and inviting!

We spent the first few minutes of the session with sweet William and his parents. Then, it was time for him to meet his big sister!  She tentatively came into the room and clung to her daddy.   Her quiet apprehension then turned to joy as she met her little brother.  Those first moments for a momma are heart bursting ones.  You cannot imagine how you will love another child as much as you already do, and then sitting there with your two little ones… you KNOW.

My heart exploded a little bit watching these new relationships bud.  I loved getting to capture it all on camera for this family.