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We decided to do Grace’s 18 month old session at home because Mom knew that’s where everything she loved would be.  I was excited because I think in home sessions are the best thing ever….they capture your family in their happy place, everyone is more relaxed…and there is AIR CONDITIONING….because…it’s Houston and summer is upon us.

We even got to do a Life in Motion video, which you can see at the end of this post.  I so wish I could go back and see more of my own kiddos in the middle of toddler strutting, peek a boo, and belly rolls out in all of their glory!

It wasn’t that long ago that I was sharing Garner’s birth story with you, but we all know how time has that pesky way of going by way too fast and this little guy is already seven months old.  I was beyond excited when Kat asked me to do an in home “Happy Place” session with her family a few weeks ago.  We wanted to let the boys have fun while capturing pictures in sweet spots of their home.   These rooms not only capsulate our memories…they are where true joy, love and comfort are found daily in this stage of life.

These types of Happy Place sessions are my new far and away favorite…..and make sure to scroll down all the way to the bottom to see their Life in Motion add on video!



This session location was the best idea and I can’t even take credit for it!

This momma knew that her two year old twins would have WAY more fun playing at one of their favorite parks than trying to pose them on our own and force a few smiles.  I’m not into forced smiles anyway, so I thought her idea was genius!  The kids didn’t even realize we were doing a photo session and had fun doing their own thing….we got plenty of natural smiles (my favorite!) and I loved capturing some photos of them at this stage of life where all things revolve around tea parties, cars, swinging, climbing, exploring….and not staying still!

When booking your next photo session, think about your kids love doing!  Is it playing at home with dress up and dance parties, relaxing at home, running around their favorite park, enjoying time at a favorite spot, a weekend away at the lakehouse or playing football with dad?  Think outside the box and let’s capture your family in their happy place.  I love these types of sessions!

I am always up for trying new locations….and love it when clients come to me with ideas of their own.

This family loved spending time at this sweet little bakery in Tomball and thought we may have better luck getting their little one on board with a photo session if he had no clue we were doing one and just did things they always enjoyed doing together as a family.  I loved getting to watch them do just that….and I now have a new favorite coffee place as an added bonus.

I cannot say enough great things about this family!  I started working with them a little over two years ago when we moved back to Houston, and LOVE any chance I get the opportunity to hang out with them.  They are clients turned friends in the best possible way. I was so excited to do an in home session and their brand new, gorgeous home last week!

I think it’s so important to capture stages of life in the places so dear to your family….that one reason I LOVE these in home sessions.  Pressure is off, kids feel free to be silly…you have access to snacks, and WINE….and air conditioning!

This photo session was a long time coming.  We originally scheduled in back in May, but that was around the time it rained for a month straight. Then we moved it to July, and that was when we realized that our original idea of an outdoor photo session was probably not going to turn out so great in 100 degree heat.

So, hoping the third time was a charm, we decided that an in home session with air conditioning would make for much happier, cuter pictures all around….and I think we got plenty of those!

Oh my word, I LOVE in home sessions!!!  I mean how better to capture those in between moments…life as it is RIGHT NOW…than in the comfort of your own house?!!  Also…..these sessions are AIR CONDITIONED, which for us Texans, is a real bonus right about now.

I love this family so much!  I met them just over a year ago when we did our first in home session, which you can peek at here.

When Brooke asked if we could do another one, I couldn’t respond to her email fast enough.   It’s so much fun to get to capture dance parties, tickle wars on the bed, dress up and backyard fun….and the kids had more fun than we even did!  Thank you Brooke so much for opening up your home to me once again…I loved every minute of it!

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