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Watching first time parents so naturally take to their new role during a newborn session is one of the best parts of my job.  Those first few days getting know your child can be such a blur…and exhausting…and sometimes even down right hard.  You may not feel like a natural at all, but what I hope my photos remind you of is that you were perfectly chosen to love and care for this little one…there is no “right” or “perfect” way to do anything in parenting.

Love pours out and provides even when other resources feel depleted…like sleep!  I love documenting all of the in between moments that continue to assure you in those first few weeks..those little eyes locked on you guided by your voice that they already know so well

the look from your spouse that lets you know your love for each other just hit a whole new level..

Newborn photography is really documenting the creation of family and providing images to help define an infinite amount of love that words alone cannot give justice to.


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This beautiful family has already become very dear to me.  We only met a few months ago when I did their maternity session, but after spending the night in the hospital with them while waiting on and then welcoming Logan, friendship was also born.  I was so excited to see them just a couple weeks later for Logan’s newborn session.  A newborn session is so much more than documenting tiny toes and perfect details.  To me, it’s about telling the story of a family’s love for each other…and freezing moments in time so they can remember those early days that too quickly become a blur.

This little guy was so alert for our entire session, we though he had a little bit of FOMO…Fear Of Missing Out.  Yes I love getting those sleepy baby pictures, but I also love when they are awake and want to be a part of it all!  That’s one of the many reasons I love lifestyle newborn photography…there is no waiting around for the baby to fall asleep…you’re instead capturing every moment!  I want it all…the yawns, the cuddles, the inquisitive looks, the tiny toes and details…I want everything.  These little ones change so fast and life with a newborn can feel like such a blur….it’s important to take it all in…to freeze time for all of these moments so you can look back on it and remember……years later when you’ve finally had time to catch up on sleep!

Oh my goodness, this session was fun!!  Meghan is a sweet friend of mine, and I was thrilled when she asked me to do her maternity and newborn pictures.  A few weeks ago, I got to go meet sweet Nolan and he. is. precious!!!  Nolan was actually born pretty early, so our newborn session took place when he was almost six weeks old but around the time of his due date.  He was perfect in every way, sleeping and snuggling, but also gave me plenty of eye contact and even a precious smile!!  Scroll down to see that photo, which may be my favorite!  I usually get a few of those sweet gas smile pictures, but this little guy was HAPPY!!!  It was so fun to catch.

I adore this family so much.  I met them at Dylan’s big brother’s newborn session a couple of years ago, and that session easily became one of my favorites.  Both Kara and Ryan are so warm and loving…with their beautiful kiddos and each other.  They immediately made me feel welcome, and it’s been such a pleasure to get to know them better over the last couple of years.  I’ve had a chance to watch Deklan grow and step into the big brother role, and I was SO excited to meet little brother, Dylan.  I say “little” very lightly because at almost twelve pounds, he was not little at all, but such pure perfection with his squishy rolls.

I am so excited to now be able to offer newborn “Life in Motion” videos as an optional add on for my newborn sessions.  I would love for you to take a look and see how capturing these small but huge moments on video, while incorporating stills set to music creates the perfect keepsake.

Dylan Frederic from Melissa Lebo Parsons on Vimeo.


I loved getting to work with not one but TWO sweet babies a few weeks ago!   I remember telling their mom and dad that they were making this parenting thing look totally easy….they were so relaxed and calm about everything.

Twins always fascinate me.  Within being at the house for only a few minutes, I could see such different personalities from these little ones!  Madison had the funniest expressions she would give me to let me know if she wasn’t having something while Abel was just content and observing so much of the time.  I actually had to snap fast when Abel blinked a few times just to make it look like he was sleeping!  Brother was wide awake for most of the session, but that’s why I love just capturing babies as they are…it makes for a much more relaxed session for everyone!

My favorite type of newborn session is the lifestyle one.  It’s all about capturing life as it is….the real stuff as it comes…just a glimpse into this glorious, tiring stage of life that is so fleeting.  I want you to remember the tender, quiet moments, but also the chaotic love filled glimpses of siblings getting to know their new little brother or sister.  There is no wasted time waiting for the “perfect” moment…because it’s all perfect…it’s perfectly yours.

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