Owen / The Woodlands TX In Home Newborn Photographer

This family is not new to the blog.  I met them a few years ago when I did big brother Ethan’s newborn session and have since enjoyed getting to see them frequently.  I loved their family photo session last year so much.  When Alicia sent me an email a few months back letting me know that we would need to put another in home newborn session on the calendar, I may have squealed out loud.

Love and affection oozes from this family.  The way they look at, cuddle and love on each other makes my heart so happy.  It’s one of my favorite things for my camera to capture.

Newborn photo sessions with siblings are awesome.  Ethan literally could not keep his hands off of Owen.  He wanted to touch his hair, hold his tiny fingers, and constantly kiss him.  Sometimes older brothers and sisters are a little unsure of the newest family member, but not this guy.  Big brother wanted in almost every shot and I just kept clicking my shutter. It’s the in between and unexpected moments that almost always end up being my favorite pictures.


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Logan 8 Months / The Woodlands TX Family & Baby Photographer

Last year I began to offer Watch Me Grow Packages.  These packages allow families to book multiple sessions to document that first year at a big savings.  This family was the first family to take advantage of such a package and it has been an absolute joy to work with them.

Not only have I had a chance to watch Logan grow since birth…literally…I was so honored to watch him take his first breath.   I have documented their entire family over this year and consider them friends.  As always every milestone session I do within my Watch Me Grow Packages is always a family session.  It’s so fun to look back at each session and see one of the sweetest big brothers I know in action as well as Logan change and grow.  You can see Logan’s maternity,  birth session, newborn, and 4 month sessions on the here on the blog as well.

Logan’s “sitter” session snuck up on us a bit, but we were able to schedule it just before the holidays and we tried out a new location that I just loved here in The Woodlands.  This family loves hard.  I think I say that every session, but I just love to watch them.  They need hardly any prompting, they naturally pour love into their kids and it’s almost like they forget I’m there watching…I love that!

I’m already looking forward to seeing them again soon as we celebrate Logan turning ONE!  I can’t believe it’s right around the corner.

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William / The Woodlands TX Spring In Home Newborn Photographer

I was delighted that this family chose to do both a Fresh 48 Hospital session as well as an in home lifestyle newborn session.  They both document those first few days with your newest family member but as so different and unique from each other.   Hospital sessions focus on those first few hours getting to know your baby and sibling introductions.  Lifestyle newborn sessions focus on connection, your baby’s unique positions, and your family’s happy place…HOME.

I love incorporating family gathering spaces into the newborn session.  These are the places where you relax and love on each other.  It’s where you feel most comfortable.  I also love using the nursery for part of our session.  You have planned for it, and possibly spent months working on it.  Let’s show it off!

This momma is SO talented.  When I first stepped into this dream of a nursery, I just wanted to stop and look at every little detail.  Her inspiration came from stories and fairy tales with male characters, and she pulled it off so beautifully.  It’s gorgeous and classic and I love that we got to use it for some of William’s newborn pictures.

Little sister wanted to join in lots of shots which makes my heart so happy.  Every newborn session is always a family photo session as well.  As much as I love everything about the baby shots and tiny details, the intimate moments and connection shots are what get me.   These shots often become the favorites.

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William Fresh 48 / The Woodlands Hospital Houston Methodist Photographer

I just love these Fresh 48 sessions.   These lifestyle newborn sessions take place in the hospital shortly after a little one has arrived.  Photographing those first few hours after a newborn has entered the world has to be one of my very favorite things to do.  You join such an intimate space as a family is just getting to know each other while still in the hospital.  My role in this type of session remains a very inconspicuous one.  There is not a lot of directing.  There’s just no need to.  Nothing is more beautiful than these organic moments that unfold on their own.  The camera captures this new family as they get acquainted and fall even more in love with each other.

I am a natural light photographer, so shooting a session at a hospital can admittedly sometimes be a bit of a challenge.  When I walked into this room at the brand new Woodlands Hospital by Houston Methodist, I was blown away by the amount of natural light that flooded into the room.  It was so bright and inviting!

We spent the first few minutes of the session with sweet William and his parents. Then, it was time for him to meet his big sister!  She tentatively came into the room and clung to her daddy.   Her quiet apprehension then turned to joy as she met her little brother.  Those first moments for a momma are heart bursting ones.  You cannot imagine how you will love another child as much as you already do, and then sitting there with your two little ones… you KNOW.

My heart exploded a little bit watching these new relationships bud.  I loved getting to capture it all on camera for this family.

Toman / The Woodlands TX Family Photographer

I’m so glad we got to squeeze in this family for their photos right before the Holidays set in.  I have been fortunate that they have returned to me each year and love getting to watch their boys grow.  I hadn’t seen Dylan since his newborn session last spring, which was one of my very favorite.

Canyon / The Woodlands TX Newborn & Family Photographer

We are going to just pretend this little guy didn’t just celebrate his seven month birthday.  I remember leaving this newborn session so excited about not only Canyon’s pictures, but the moments we had captured of this family of four.  They loved so greatly on each other…and yall know that’s one of my favorite things to photograph.  Every newborn session I do is also a family photo session.

 Canyon’s big sister was apparently going for some kind of four year old award in the category of big sister (and photographer’s dream).

Abigail / The Woodlands TX In home Newborn Photographer

It’s always such a gift to me when people ask and trust in me to capture their newborn pictures.

That family time after having a baby is precious, sacred, raw, and at times overwhelming as you navigate taking care of a newborn and meeting other needs.  It’s too much to think of leaving the house to go to Target, let alone trying to get everyone ready and out the door to go get those “perfect” newborn photos made.  So don’t.  Stay in the comfort of your home and let me come to you.

My favorite newborn pictures are the perfectly imperfect ones.  The ones that capture genuine love and affection for this new little one and allow for plenty of breaks and snacks/bribes in between for big brother or sister. Can I get an amen for Daniel Tiger and cookies?   I love to capture all the in between stuff too…feeding the baby in the your favorite chair, giving your first born a needed cuddle, or receiving a needed look of encouragement or hug from your spouse.  Because even though life is crazy those first few weeks, it’s so crazy beautiful and you are going to miss these moments….trust me.

I adore this family so much.  I’ve been blessed to work with them for several years now and consider them sweet friends.  And don’t get me started on big brother.  I could listen to him talk all day.  He would probably take Daniel Tiger over me, but I don’t take it personally.  I know we’re still buds. It’s just when you’re two and there is Daniel Tiger….I know who’s usually coming out on top on that one.

August / The Woodlands TX Baby Photographer

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a happier baby than this little guy.  His eyes and smile just lit up …especially for his mama.

We did this Happy Place session at home, which is just perfect for six month pictures.  I love getting to incorporate different areas of the house such as the nursery, mom and dad’s room…even the Christmas tree for this session!

We also were able to entertain August with story time, playing with mommy, and even a little snack time…and I continued shooting through all of it.

Allen / Family Photographer in The Woodlands TX

If you promise not to do the math, I’ll let you know that this year was my twenty year high school reunion.  I went in to it with very little expectations, but ended up having the best time reconnecting with old friends….many of whom I hadn’t seen in that long.  It’s such a kick to see how at the same time it seems everything and everyone has changed, in some ways, nothing has changed at all.

One couple I had a chance to see and catch up with was this sweet one.  Miranda reached out to me a few months back to see about getting family photos.  I was so excited to get a chance to do it and meet their boys who are just the most beautiful blend of both Miranda and Greg.


Olivia / The Woodlands TX In home newborn photographer

One of the sweetest things to watch unfold in a newborn session is the bond between siblings.  They literally just met each other.  Often those young, siblings that just got promoted to big brother or sister status are unsure about this new little person.   Those babies sure do get a lot of attention from everyone!   That sibling bond that is so new but already strong.  Curiosity and love usually wins out and they become a magnet to their new best friend.

Olivia’s big sister could not get enough of her.  She wanted to explore and cradle her tiny toes…who could blame her?  I can’t get enough of baby feet.    She held her so naturally and with such a careful protectiveness, I couldn’t look away.  Olivia was totally at ease when in the arms of her sister and even gave us a few smiles in those perfectly sweet moments.